*Gold Dust

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Gold Dust Rub Shaker 11.2 oz.

Finally a finishing rub with all the right amount of brown sugar & spice! We even use it as a steak & burger dust before grillin'! A proven Flavor Booster!

  • A perfect blend of sweet spices
  • Fantastic Finish for that Perfect Rack of Ribs!
  • Guaranteed to wake up your taste buds!
  • Great on all breakfast meats!
  • Great on Veggies!
  • Championship recipe developed by 4-Time MBN Team of the Year and Countless Grand Championship Team, Victory Lane BBQ!
  • Used by Competition Pitmasters Worldwide!
  • Holds up for All Grill Temps!

Take your Grilling to the NEXT LEVEL with Victory Lane BBQ Gold Dust!

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