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Doug Golden and Erik Garner founded VLBBQ in the summer of 2009. Doug was trying to figure out what to do with a race car that he had acquired. Erik said “Dude, let’s turn it into a grill!” So they did!

Doug assembled a team and practiced while tailgating at Tiger Lane for University of Memphis football games. They formed Victory Lane BBQ, LLC in 2010 and had their first competition in 2011.  
  • Won 11th in Whole Hog category at Memphis in May International World Championship Barbecue Contest


  • While competing at Memphis in May, Victory Lane BBQ was featured on Adam Richman’s Fandemonium on the Travel Channel !  
  • July, team members of Victory Lane BBQ were featured on a Food Network episode of The Shed while cooking in Galax, Virginia.
  • In December Doug and a few of his team members were chosen to star in a nationwide, barbecue themed commercial with Bank of America, promoting their cash back credit card.  
  • 2013 also included winning the Memphis Barbecue Network Hog Team of the Year, as well as many other Grand Championships, and MBN Team of the Year!


  • Memphis Barbecue Network Team of the Year and swept all three categories: whole hog, shoulder and rib.
  • Victory Lane won 9 Grand Championships out of the 15 MBN contests they competed in!
  • VLBBQ finished third overall in the barbecue division of the World Food Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada.


  • On March 9, 2015, the NBBQA announced the products of Victory Lane BBQ were among the top winners in the 2015 Awards of Excellence competition, winning 13 places in only 8 categories!
  • Victory Lane BBQ again won the Memphis Barbecue Network Team of the Year and once again swept all three categories: whole hog, shoulder and rib.  
  • VLBBQ won12 Grand Championships out of the 13 MBN contests they competed in!
  • Victory Lane also racked up five 180s (perfect scores) in KCBS contests that they competed in.


  • MBN Team of the Year


  • MBN Team of the Year

Victory Lane BBQ is a member of the Memphis Barbecue Network (MBN), Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS), Steak Cookoff Association (SCA) and the National Barbecue Association (NBBQA).

VLBBQ's products are now used by some of the top barbecue teams and pit masters around the country. Most importantly, VLBBQ loves to feed the masses and give back generously to their local community. Victory Lane achieves this through caterings for various charities and organizations, such as Juvenile Diabetes, U of M Spirit Squad, U of M Lady Tiger Golf Team, Highland Hundred, and every year feeding 1500+ people for Cystic Fibrosis and more.

Moving forward Doug and his team would like to focus on less competition and more charity events, product development, catering, delivery, and ultimately nationwide restaurants.  

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