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We are proud to help sponsor the following premier BBQ teams....

Phat Chance BBQ Team

Phat Chance is a family oriented BBQ team out of Marion, Arkansas. The team consists of Bobby & Jennifer Nash, Jerry Rice, Amber Williams, Danny Thomas, and Chad Rogers. Phat Chance started out in the Backyard Division in the local Esperanza Bonanza Competition. With the guidance of Heath Riles from Victory Lane, Phat Chance moved to the Challenger Division within the last few years. Phat Chance proudly uses all of Victory Lane's products. During the 2015 competition season, Phat Chance attended 6 competitions which resulted in 11 finals and 2 Grand Champions.

Pork Illustrated

Pork Illustrated started cooking together in 2013. Cooking mostly MBN and a few KCBS. They have been invited to the MBN invitational their first year of competing and made the finals in ribs and pulled pork that year taking a 2nd and 3rd. Pork Illustrated also finished in the top five in points in the last four years in MBN plus made all the invitationals. Wining the 2014 invitational in ribs. Plus wining several Grand Champions thru out. 2014 was the same year they started using Victory Lane products and have been using them ever since.

The Pit Crew BBQ Team

Competing as The Pit Crew BBQ Team, she has travelled and competed throughout the southeast region in several different divisions and meat categories. She has captured regional titles, including being the first woman to win the Grand Championship in the Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour, as well as being the first woman to win the oldest KCBS sanctioned BBQ contest in Georgia, Dillard . She has won thousands of dollars and awards in just 6 years of competing and she's not stopping there; just recently she won the GBC (Georgia BBQ Championship) against over 300 teams and was also the first woman to do this.

Tina’s culinary talents and her fiery personality have made her a fan favorite where ever she competes. She cooked with a team at the 2013 World Food Championship which placed 5th in ribs. Tina’s most exciting accomplishment was winning the Georgia regional “American Grilled” competition on The Travel Channel. On the show, she competed against three male Professional BBQ competition cooks and took home the $10,000 first prize claiming the title Grill Master of Georgia. The showed aired on The Travel Channel and on The Food Network.

Tina is a classically trained chef who has tasted and created dishes from all over the world. She has chosen to return to her roots, Southern BBQ. Tina brings a “Girls can Grill” attitude to the male dominated BBQ competition circuit using spice, style and sparks on her grill. Her small catering company specializes in smoked and grilled meats and she has a line of sauces called “Sparks Fly” available at Sparks included.

Tina is an avid Yelper, and loves to eat at ethnic restaurants, you can read her blog at, she gardens and loves to cook, entertain, spend time with her family, and rescue pup Cody that goes to her contests with her . Tina can be described as a feisty and fiery Martha Stewart. Fiercely original and independent, and a real dynamo when she is at her grill!

Shiggin & Grinnin

Jeff Vanderlinde's interest in BBQ started at an early age with his father who was a butcher by trade. He bought his first smoker in 1998 and continued to purchase 'move-up' smokers in the following years. In 2006 -2007 Jeff competed with a local team that had been formed. In 2008 Shiggin' & Grinnin' was born with his two best friends Derek Schansberg and Ted Moonen and just four short years later they became the World Champions.

They have won many Grand Championships as well as Reserve Grand Championships throughout the Midwest. Some of their biggest accomplishments include and winning the American Royal (aka: World Series of BBQ) where they beat out 548 teams for their 2012 World Championship title and followed that title up with top finishes the following years. They also took 4th place overall (98 teams and 26 countries were being represented) at the Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational BBQ Competition in Lynchburg, TN

Jeff also appeared in a special on the Discovery Channel where they competed for $SOK in the Kingsford Challenge in Belle, MO. This was a "winner take all" competition where Shiggin' & Grinnin' took 2nd place among some of the best teams in the country. Shiggin' & Grinnin' has become one of the elite BBQ teams in the country.

Jeff has appeared twice on Destination America's BBQ Pitmaster's show where he won one competition and lost the second. He was invited to compete in the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo against 450 teams, made the finals and finished 6'h overall.

Blue Bloods

We have been competing in BBQ since 2011. We have been lucky to have won 16 gc and Rgcs since competing along with 14 180's with at least 1 in all meats . In 2013 we won the Smithfield rib series in Kcbs .i was also on Travel Channels American Grilled 2014 Sizzle in the big easy and won . We have have numerous top 5's and 10's as well . We have cooked all over the country from the American Royal to SAMs Clubs and The Jack . Our passion for BBQ and the great people in it is what makes us exited every weekend to cook !!!!! Good smoking luck !!!!!!

Camo Cookers

Camo Cookers is based out of Marion AR. We have been competing in the sport of BBQ since 2000 in the Tri-state area. We are a group of friends and family that love the outdoors and cooking the best Q possible. And with the help of Victory Lane products we have been able to do that. We were fortunate enough to be named Runner-Up Team Of The Year in the 2015 MBN Challenger Division. With five 1st place finishes, five 2nd place finishes and two Grand Championships. Hopefully this is just the beginning!! Can't wait to see what the 2016 season brings.

Blazin' 7's BBQ

Steve & Sandy Smith have always had a passion for food & cooking. Growing up in the South, most of our memories were of gatherings surrounded by an unbelievable spread of food & great people. A few years ago a friend of ours had signed up for a professional BBQ Competition, but couldn’t make it at the last minute. He called us and asked if there was any way we could help him out. Happily we agreed to help. We had no idea that it would change our life and from that moment on we were hooked. The comradery and sportsmanship of the competitors quickly became an extended family that we couldn’t wait to see again at our next contest. Filling up our calendar with 20-30 plus contests each year for the past 2 & half years. Its a sport that allows the whole family to get involved and inspired our 13 year old daughter Matison to participate as well. As a family, we have had a blast winning countless awards, Reserve Grand’s, and several Grand Championships, made lifelong friendships, learned so much, and traveled the country to quench our competitive thirst.

In doing so, we realized there was a demand for good BBQ in our home town in Inverness, FL. So we opened a small catering, takeout, and dine-in café 6 months ago and were fortunate enough to become a Myron Mixon Smoker distributor. Our community has embraced their love of Blazin’ 7’s BBQ.

We are happy to announce that we are moving to a bigger location at the first of the year with a bigger kitchen & dining room to meet our customers needs for catering events, etc. We will have a walk-in & online store offering a variety of sauces, rubs, grilling accessories, etc. for the Backyard BBQ’er to the BBQ Professional.

Big Ugly’s BBQ (BUBBQ)

Founded in 2007 by Chris and his children. They competed in one contest in 2007, getting a 3rd place call in Brisket at the Maryland State BBQ Championships. The following year, 2008, saw them win 2 Grand Championships and a Reserve GC. BUBBQ took a rather long hiatus while Chris became a member of 3-Eyz BBQ from 2009 thru 2013, winning the KCBS Team of the Year in 2012. Kitty also joined 3-Eyz in 2012 and was an instant success, dominating the alternate categories.

In 2014, Chris and Kitty decided to compete separate of 3-Eyz, and resurrected BUBBQ, and saw immediate success with 2 Grand Championships and 4 Reserve GC’s.

In 2015, with the great products & support from Victory Lane BBQ, and advice from Heath, BUBBQ won another 3 Grand Championships and 6 Reserve GC’s. We are so very grateful for the friendship and support of everyone at VLBBQ! Heath, Candace and entire crew at VLBBQ have been awesome, can’t wait to see what 2016 brings for all of us!

Backdraft BBQ

Ryan Grob, Pitmaster of Backdraft BBQ, started his BBQ history in his hometown of Murphysboro Illinois back in 1992 cooking MBN and now cooks out of Henderson, Colorado competing in over 30 KCBS events every year.

Over the years Backdraft BBQ has received 100’s of awards including Grand Championships, RGCs, 1st places, top fives, top tens, 180s and 700 Club. In 2016 Backdraft BBQ accomplished Rocky Mountain BBQ Association ToY Chicken Reserve Champion, Pork Reserve Champion, Rib Champion, Brisket Champion and Overall Reserve Champion. In KCBS, Backdraft BBQ finished top 25 in Chicken and Ribs, and also started cooking SCA Steak cook-offs and qualified for the World Championship Steak cook-off the first time out, and finished 7th in the World.

Backdraft BBQ also consists of his wife Lori, son Ethan and dog Jax. Although Ryan cooks solo, he enjoys anytime his family can make it to a event as well.


92bbq started its professional career on September 6th 2013. Learning a lot our first season in the Georgia BBQ Association lead to a 4th over all win in the team of the year points race. The start of the 2014-15 season turned into a great year it took one year to win the fist grand and state championship all at one contest. We finished the season with a state championship, team of the year, 1st in pork loin, 1st in ribs and 1st in pork. We were the first team in the GBA to get 2 perfect 600 scores in loin and ribs in a single event.

92bbq has to date competed in over 50 contest in GBA, FBA and KCBS. In January 2016 92bbq filmed a show on destination America that will air summer 2016. I'm looking forward to a long and fun career in bbq. Thanks to all who support the dream!

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