Victory Lane BBQ loves establishing partnerships with retailers who share our commitment to quality and customer service through our wholesale program.


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Wholesale FAQs

What are your minimum purchases?
VLBBQ requires minimum orders of $250, with minimum quantity units of a case.

What are your net terms?
VLBBQ will extend credit terms, up to 15 days with an approved Credit Application. All other orders must be accompanied by credit card payment in full.  Prepaid orders to be paid to Wholesaler by credit card or PayPal payment.

What is your lead time?
We ship in stock product within 2 business days.  Retailers will be notified of out of stock inventory before placing orders.

Can I sell on Amazon or Ebay?
VLBBQ has the exclusive right to sell on Amazon and Ebay.

Can I sell online?
Retailers may sell on their own websites.

Can I determine my retail prices?
Retailers may price products as they see fit.


Featured Products
Victory Lane BBQ Garlic Jalapeño Season All Rub
*Garlic Jalapeño Season All
$ 12.95
*Garlic Jalapeño Season All 2 Lb Bag
*Garlic Jalapeño Season All 2 Lb Bag
Sold Out
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